How to get Your Bathtub Looking Good as New

Bathroom renovations can be very expensive, and if you can save on buying all the fixtures, your wallet will thank you. Your bathtub is such a big part of your bathroom, and if it is yellow and no longer that pristine white it was when you bought, your first thought is replacing it. Before you give up on the tub, here are a few things you can do to give it a fresh look.

Refurbishing your Bathtub:-

  1. Start by cleaning your bathtub. Remove the anti-slip strips you have on the bottom of the tub. Get a cleaner, degreaser, and scrub the surface using an abrasive pad. The point of this is to remove grime that has accumulated that morning when everyone used the bathtub.
  2. Buy sand paper with a 400 to 600 grit.       Wet it and sand paper the tub.       This is to remove grime or gloss left over from the cleaning. Also, it takes away old stains that come from using your tub over time. Sand paper the tub as you would a wall when you’re about to paint it. The rough surface left from using sand paper on the tub gives you great adhesion when coating the tub again. Clean out all the debris leaving no dust particles.
  3. Buy epoxy for painting your tub again.       Use a brush and roller to paint your tub. Please note that as you paint, small bubbles appear on the surface, don’t worry about them because the epoxy has self-leveling properties and the bubbles disappear with time. Paint in one direction only, in smooth thin coats, brushing over the edges in soft strokes to avoid hard lines. Paint another coat one hour apart.
  4. When you’re finished with this process, caulk the corners of the tub, and if you want to give the bathroom a freshly refurbished look, caulk the tiled walls too and edges of the shelves.       Make sure you cover the tub edges to make sure you don’t get caulk on the tiles or on the floors of your bathroom. You can use blue painter’s tape or place old newspapers to keep your workspace clean.

The paint comes in different colors. Choose the color you want, to match your new bathroom. After this process, don’t clean with very abrasive cleaners, as your finishing won’t remain this way. Maintain your tub as always, and plan to buy a new tub in time. If you’re afraid of using the brush and roll method, feel free to call in professional to help you with the finishing of your tub. Clean your toilet bowl and sink with abrasive pads, degreaser and a cleaner to make them match your new tub. For more information visit